Hertzian Labs Innovation in Antennas and Wireless Products

Through Design, Materials, and Application

Hertzian Labs Innovation in Antennas and Wireless Products

Through Design, Materials, and Application

Antenna Design , Integration and Manufacturing

Hertzian Labs develops antennas and wireless products for emerging markets and unique applications. Our goal is to supply electrically and mechanically high performance antennas 

In-House Product Design

Whether you’ve got a simple napkin sketch or a well-developed design concept, we can definitely help. Our design capabilities include mechanical design, 3D printing, and CNC processes.

Expert Consultation

Get comprehensive antenna and RF consulting from our experienced staff. We provide detailed design feedback and help define the scope of work required in completing your project.

Prototypes and Validation

Our company has full prototyping and validation capabilities. We optimize our in-house RF chamber to save on time, labor, and other costs. We also complete real-world testing and simulation work to efficiently develop unique antennas.

Product Assembly

We take pride in having a high production capability. Our professionals use premium equipment to assemble new technologies and provide guidance for our customers’ contracted manufacturers.

Antenna Customization

Hertzian Labs LLC specializes in building RF products as well as 5G, Drone, Kiosk, LTE, and other antenna designs. We are currently expanding our range from building products that can carry 50 to 9000MHz signals to 20 to 74GHz.

Our experts are also highly skilled in integrating off-the-shelf antennas into various types of telecommunications systems. If you’re interested in working with us to build your design, contact us now.

Developing New Products

Our team works with engineers, start-up business owners, and various other clients around the globe to develop new technologies. Together, we build wireless equipment that can support Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi, and cellular data.

Schedule a Free Consultation

To send questions or to request a free consultation, reach out to our friendly staff in Gilberts, Illinois.