Services and Capability Summary

Antenna Design and Integration

  • Antenna Design and Chamber Test 50MHz-77GHz
  • CST Microwave fueled simulation and optimization
  • Off the shelf antenna antenna integration and tuning
  • Custom element Design: PCB, Yagi, Waveguide, Parabolic Reflector, Air dielectric, FPC and more
  • Design for Low PIM and PIM mitigation services
  • Antenna Array, Sector Array and Feed Network Design

Mechanical Design and Prototyping

  • Mechanical and Industrial Design
  • Design for manufacturing and cost reduction
  • 3D printing, Custom Machining, turning and laser cut prototyping
  • Injection Molded Part Design and flow analysis
  • In house rapid PCB/FPC/Laser Cut element prototyping
  • Accelerated Life testing

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • US Assembly Factory
  • Experienced Specialized Operators: Precision Soldering and Assembly
  • 100% RF Production RF testing
  • Ideal for IP sensitive, High Value Design and volume production runs

Hz Labs can support every phase of your antenna implementation. From simulation and platform integration to


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