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Antenna Design

Antenna Simulation

Hz Labs uses CST Microwave Studio and Feko for antenna simulation and optimization.

This combination allows us the flexibility to design and optimize and antenna to meet you needs on your platform This includes the modeling and simulation of everything from the smallest Bluetooth earbud by volume ever produced to a cellular antenna in a long length of hyperloop tube.


HzLabs has extensive experience in driving optimization. We can take an off the shelf of custom element and optimize placement of the antenna on your platform to reach your performance goals.

Antenna Element design is half the task with today’s heavily integrated antennas. HzLabs takes antenna design a step further an optimizes performance while taking into account full details of the final implimentation be it a 900MHz antenna in a COM headset, or a mobile antenna on a Ford Interceptor Utility.

Antenna Lab

Hertzian Labs has all the facilities and equipment necessary for antenna design and testing.

Recently, to meet the emerging demands of 5G, we have made the investments to expand measurement capability up to 77GHz.

Anechoic Chamber

  • Antenna Pattern and Gain Measurement
  • Near-Field/Far-Field Measurement
  • Capable of 100MHz-77GHz Measurement
  • Apertures up to 600mm/18kg (24”/40lb)

Modeling and Simulation

  • Precision 3D Electromagnetic modeling and optimization tools
  • Enough computational overhead to handle larger antenna farm layouts
  • Propagation modeling including large campus, tunnels and venues